Enomoto Maeko, the Lively Idol of Otononizaka

榎本真恵子 / Enomoto Maeko

"Hi hi! I'm Orchid, the energetic and cute idol member of the subunit CROSS, and the idol group PRIMUS! Please take care of me!"

A woman who became an idol again after a fallout with her past idolmates when she was a high school student. Born from a family who focuses on glorifying their honor, Maeko became an idol as an attempt to outachieve her older brother. All of it backfired though, as her cocky nature at first resulted in bullying from her idolmates, leading her to quit the group. As she walked outside of the company she quited moments ago, she noticed a cat. Curious, she followed the cat, changing her life forever. Ayaka, who works at a shrine just right outside the city, is the girl that the cat lead her to. Ever since meeting, Maeko would always come to her shrine after school, and soon their romance blossomed. There seems to always be a spark in her eyes, a spark enough to inspire Ayaka to pursuing her idol dream with her, and hence, they formed the idol group CROSS. What makes CROSS shine enough to have a decent following is that they are not afraid to be bold with their love for each other, and would often perform live shows harmoniously with ease.

Yet, getting back to stardom was a hard task, as no one fully remembered her from her former group. So she sought out for solutions until she bumped into a family relative of hers who she haven't spoken to for years, who turned out to be Otononizaka's most famous (male) idol. With a whole session of begging and trying to bribe the famous relative celebrity to join their idol group, he agreed to join, making CROSS a sub-unit and PRIMUS as their main idol unit. As PRIMUS, she is known as the powerhouse of the group, wishing to steal the attention of their audience with her expressive, cutesy voice. With the whole group together, she is fully determined to climb back on the ranks of fame, no matter the cost.

Age: 21
Birthday: March 6th
Height: 160cm / 5'3"
Blood Type: A

Also available as voicebanks for the singing synthesizer software UTAU!

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