Enomoto Paju, the Shining Idol of Otononizaka

榎本パジュ / Enomoto Paju

"Hello, everyone! Paradise, the charming one-man show, is here to lead you to paradise! Of course, with Rose and Orchid as well, heh."

A man who claims to be the image of perfection, Paju is a cyborg modified and supported by the government to become one of the most popular idols in modern day history. With seemingly natural orange hair and a muscular, flexible appearance, he has garnered a lot of attention and notoriety for his take on being an idol. Featured in modelling, collabs, and sponsors, he was featured in tourist spots from time to time. Though under his glitz and glamour is an aura of mystery; no one actually knows that he's a cyborg, they just simply believed he was able to obtain his looks and talent naturally. His physical tech part on the upper back is seen in plain sight, mistaken it as a tattoo from far distance, while his other cyborg part is hidden on his left knee and thigh.

He claims that he is the mentor to Ayaka and Maeko despite Maeko disagreeing and wanting him to be the third wheel. For his actual role in PRIMUS however, he also claims he is more known for being the "eye candy", as he himself brags that he is the most attractive out of the whole group. Maeko would correct him, that it's more about how his warm, vibrant voice charms the hearts of many people, contributing well with the group. At first he refused as there are major (and incredibly minor) reasons as to why he should not help them, a notable one being his pompous ego. However, what made him form PRIMUS with Maeko and Ayaka cannot be said, as stated, "Hah, I just felt like it." In reality, he doesn't want to admit that he is grateful that they became his friends without fully taking advantage of his economical and social status.

Age: 27
Birthday: December 31st
Height: 183cm / 6'0"
Blood Type: B

Also available as voicebanks for the singing synthesizer software UTAU!

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